I was facing this issue in Magento 2.1.6. The problem was I installed Magento 2 version 2.1.6 with sample data. And all things did go well in setup no errors. After setup, In frontend, my product images were not showing up. I search for it and I read somewhere that running this command will solve my problem.

But it was giving me this error :

Error filtering template: Unable to write file into directory \c:/xampp/htdocs/root/pub/media/catalog/product\cache\2eaddfd0be171511b8beb7c8a6c1c63e\/c/v. Access forbidden.

And I found a solution for this also. And it is as below.

Go to root/vendor/magento/module-catalog/Model/View/Asset/Image.php.

In this file, you need to replace this DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR  with '/'. Yes, you need to replace this on the whole file. Then find this function getRelativePath() replace it with this

This helped me. And my problem was solved. Maybe this can help you also.

Be kind to one another. Take care!

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